Need additional over current + short circuit protection?

Meltric’s DECONTACTOR™ Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles are safe, simple, switch rated & cost effective too! They provide you with a safer and more reliable means of connection and disconnection than traditional pin and sleeve devices - comibining the functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle.

Meltric’s non-interlocked safety switch disconnects are intended for use in power supply applications where additional over current and short circuit protection is desired. Since Decontactor™ Series products are UL and CSA Switch rated, there is no need for the receptacle to be interlocked to the switch. The load may be safely made or broken by throwing the switch lever or by simply connecting or disconnecting the plug.

The standard Meltric Safety Switch Disconnect consists of a DS Series receptacle and angle mounted and wired to a heavy duty, single throw, fusible safety switch. They can optionally be provided with DSN or DB series Decontactors, straight mounting adapters, non-fused switches, or with circuit breaker protection.

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