eWon Remote Access Solutions from HMS

With the eWon Netbiter, eWon Cosy and eWon Flexy, you can choose from three industrial routers that are easily installed and ready to provide remote access to your data, PLC, HMI, IPC, IP Camera and other field equipment.

eWON Cosy

This industrial VPN router is designed to give you fast and easy way to do remote commissioning and programming of PLCs.  By providing access to machines and installations in the field or at other sites, the eWON Cosy even allows OEMs and system integrators to troubleshoot remotely without having to go to the customers site - drastically reducing support costs. 

Features include:

  • Firewall Friendly
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Customer keeps control
  • Full audit trail and traceability
  • Secure VPN Connectivity
  • Integrated WiFi & Cellular Connectivity


eWON Flexy

The first industrial modular M2M router and data gateway, the eWON Flexy is designed to give OEMs and system integrators the flexibility to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing. It also allows universal communication with the most varied field equipment, regardless of the protocol used.

Features include:

  • Firewall Friendly
  • High Security
  • Modular Router
  • Data Services
  • Web-based configuration
  • Class I Division 2


eWON Netbiter

Manage your field equipment remotely - anytime, anywhere.  This out-of-the-box solution allows equipment manufacturers, owners or caretakers to make sure that machinery is operational by being able to monitor and control remote installations online. You can track performance, get alarms if something is wrong, and even manage and configure your equipment via a regular computer or smartphone.


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