Blue e+ = efficiency + cost-effective enclosure cooling

You’ve got to not only protect the sensitive components inside your enclosures from heat, but need to do it in an energy efficient and cost-conscious manner

Reduce energy costs (as well as C02 emissions) by up to 75% with the innovative hybrid technology, plus the speed-regulated components that extend the service life of Industry's most energy efficient climate control solution!


Improve your bottom line with:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Energy savings up to 75% with Blue e+
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs
  • Improved protection of your equipment
  • Reduced downtime on your plant floor


Rittal's Blue e+ is a completely new generation of cooling units that represents a quantum leap in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy conservation due to its speed-regulated components and patented heat pipe technology. As well as providing far higher energy efficiency than existing cooling solutions, the units also offer a range of powerful new features that provide longer component life, flexibility and ease of use. This advanced climate control technology can save up to a remarkable 75% in energy costs.

Blue e+ app

Discover the benefits, which include:

Efficieny. Revolutionary energy efficiency due to hybrid (heat pipe) technology = savings up to 75%.

Longevity.  Longer service life due to component-friendly cooling that delivers constant temperature inside the enclosure.

Versatility.  More flexibility due to multi-voltage support for international usage.

User friendliness.  Intuitive operation due to touch display and intelligent interfaces for quick access to data and information.


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There's an App for that...

The app lets you easily compare annual cost savings between an existing system and Rittal's Blue e and Blue e+ products.
What’s more, you can even compare specific competitive products by inputting a specific product number or that product’s average energy efficiency ratio (EER).

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