Banner Engineering's new WLS15 is a professional grade LED strip light that makes it easy (and very cost-effective) to enhance visibility for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety in a broad range of applications for workspaces and machines.

This IP67-rated light fixture performs reliably in challenging indoor and outdoor environments, and even in tight spaces where other lights cannot (including industrial cabinets and panels) thanks to its low profile (15 mm) design.

And, with its low power draw, the WLS15 is ideal for mobile and battery-operated applications. 

  • Features high-efficiency LEDs and a diffuse window for even illumination with no hot spots
  • Low-profile, space-saving design for easy installation in confined areas and very tight spaces
    (slim 15 mm profile will not obstruct sight lines or disrupt the work environment)
  • 12 or 24V dc operation in one model (uses a fraction of the energy of many comparable light fixtures)
  • Completely sealed with an IP67 rating for use in wet or dusty environments
  • The rugged construction and polycarbonate shell resists shock and vibration while remaining lightweight
  • LED lighting technology saves energy and minimizes replacement costs
  • Brackets and connectors are available to keep installation simple and allow you to cascade lights together
  • Draws half the current of other lights for a low power device and high energy savings
  • Offers stability in the presence of line voltage fluctuations
  • Globally certified and supported by Banner




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LED lighting products from Banner Engineering provide brilliant, bright light and even illumination. 

Durable and energy efficient, these lights won't require a bulb or ballast
replacement throughout their
long 50,000 hour lifespan.

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