Now with IO-Link Technology, Uprox3 Sensor detects all metals

Turck's flagship Uprox3 sensors are now available with IO-Link technology. The intelligent interface makes the factor 1 inductive proximity switch a universal sensor that can be parameterized to suit over 100,000 individual requirements.

In addition, these compact sensors offer the longest Factor 1 sensing ranges on the market to detect all metals present, and are inherently immune to magnetic fields for use in challenging applications.


Sensing all metals at the same range, it also offers the largest switching distances of all Factor 1 sensors on the market thanks to an electronic platform that uses the latest chip set and manufacturing technologies.  These technologies offer outstanding application reliability and previously unattainable sensing distances in the most demanding industrial sectors. 

F0r the first time in the world, Turck offers factor 1 sensors in a compact 4 mm smooth barrel housing and M5 designs with a 1 mm switching distance, even for flush mounting.

Turck has also managed to shrink the previously most compact M8, M12 and M18 designs.  Below is a short list of Uprox3 advantages.

• senses all metals at the same range
• 50% longer sensing distance
• weld field/noise immunity
• high switch frequency
• completely flush mountable
• allows for standardization and fewer parts in storeroom inventory



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