Cost Saving EtherNet/IP Linking Devices for ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLCs

Fast, easy and cost-effective... EtherNet/IP Linking Devices, built on proven and trusted Anybus network communication technology from HMS Industrial Networks, allow you to Integrate devices running PROFIBUS, Modbus-TCP or serial protocols into ControlLogix© or CompactLogix© PLCs from Rockwell Automation - making factory upgrades and retro-fits easier than ever! And, compared to an in-chassis PLC communication module, these stand-alone EtherNet/IP Linking Devices with seamless Studio 5000 integration can save you between 40-70%.

In addition to the price, benefits of using a Linking Device instead of
an in-chassis or PLC communication module, include:

Improved system architecture

  • Mount the Linking Device on a DIN-rail close the connected devices
  • Eliminate long cable runs with expensive proprietary cables
  • Benefit from using a long and inexpensive Ethernet cable
  • Support for Beacon-Based DLR (Device Level Ring)
  • No hardware or software device changes needed

Easier configuration

  • No need for any separately installed software or licenses
  • Dynamically generates data structures for each device connected
  • No ladder logic files (add on instructions) needed
  • PROFIBUS, Modbus-TCP and serial protocol configuration, all accessed through your existing Studio 5000 software

Maximize performance

  • No reduction to PLC backplane performance (PLC execution time), even when large amount of data is transferred from the Linking Device to the Logix™ PLC
  • Data presented from the connected devices as named and structured Studio 5000 controller tags
  • PLC simply scans the Linking Device as if it were any other I/O device on the network
  • Gives no greater burden to the network than the speed of the device connection

Select your EtherNet/IP linking device below, and link to additional details and data.

EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP
Linking Device



EtherNet/IP to Serial
Linking Device



Linking Device


For further details, or ordering information, please contact IES.

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