Video answers "What is a linear rotary servomotor?"

This Design World video describes LinMot's unique linear-rotary motors that combine two axes of motion in a single, compact assembly. Featuring both linear force and rotary torque control, these motors can be used for a number of complex motion tasks.

The video gives you an overview of the capabilities, options, and applications of these devices.  Watch now...


LinMot linear rotary motors contain both an electromagnetic linear drive and a rotary direct drive, each controlled by a servo drive, and allow you to control position, velocity, and press force or torque. 

Programmable features included In addition to the standard version, the product family extends to include variants with gearboxes, hollow shafts, and stainless steel components.

Applications include:

  • complex motion (like fastening and capping, which was addressed by a PACK EXPO Innovations Report)
  • threading in
  • closure
  • transferring
  • stacking
  • aligning


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