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Turck's IM12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitor) cabinet guard monitors moisture and temperature limits while also detecting incorrectly closed doors.

Due to its compact design, the slim 12.5 mm DIN-rail cabinet guard can be easily installed, and even retrofitted, in virtually any cabinet or any protective enclosure. It also offers - among other things - an IO-Link data interface.

The IM12-CCM provides secure monitoring, extends the life of your control cabinets,and increases system availability.

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Cabinet Customization Options

A customized, ready to install cabinet can save you time and resources, and by partnering with Rittal, IES can deliver.

See the difference automated machining makes...

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Compare the unmatched benefits of Rittal TS8 Modular Enclosures

Modular freestanding enclosures offer a number of key advantages over traditional unibody enclosures, including:

• efficiency
• flexibility
• quality
• safety

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Stainless Steel TS 8 Enclosure Solution for Harsh Environments

The world's largest electrical enclosure manufacturer, Rittal, offers its acclaimed TS 8 freestanding enclsoures in 316 stainless steel – making  them ideal for harsh environment applications. These wash-down friendly, corrosion resistant enclosures maintain a clean, consistent internal environment in extreme conditions without sacrificing the modularity, functionality, and innovation for which the TS 8 series and Rittal are known.

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100% Automatic purge and pressurization systems

No need for extensive technical knowledge!  Thanks to its easy to use menu-driven interface and pre-programmed options, the compact, economic, and fully automated Bebco EPS 5500 Purge and Pressurization Series, and the ALL-NEW Bebco EPS 6500 Purge and Pressurization Series, can both be effortlessly implemented and set up to offer gas or dust protection for your electrical equipment.

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Blue e+ = efficiency + cost-effective enclosure cooling
Rittal Blue e+ cooling units

You’ve got to not only protect the sensitive components inside your enclosures from heat, but need to do it in an energy efficient and cost-conscious manner

Reduce energy costs (as well as C02 emissions) by up to 75% with the innovative hybrid technology, plus the speed-regulated components that extend the service life of Industry's most energy efficient climate control solution!

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Save money + space with purge and pressurization system for Zone 2, 22

Simple to implement and operate, the 5000Q is also a uniquely compact, low cost, and efficient purge and pressurization system that allows you to save money and space with a solution specifically engineered for Zone 2 installations.

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Not all modular enclosures are created equal
Compare Rittal TS 8

Delivering more efficiency, more flexibility, more safety, and more quality - industries as diverse as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Water Supply/Wastewater Management, Wind Power, Data Centers, Chemicals and Medical Technology rely on Rittal's versatile, TS 8 modular enclosure design for panel building, low-voltage switchgear, IT infrastructure and mechanical engineering applications. 

Seeing is believing! 
Videos show how you can save money by saving time in your operations...

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RITTAL: Modular Enclosures
Modular Enclosures

Demo: TS 8 freestanding modular enclosures


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