PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

Your Authorized Siemens Distributor

Your Authorized Siemens Distributor

Supporting your automation, drive, control, power distribution, and instrumentation needs,
with stocking locations across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas,
IES has built a team of skilled professionals, which includes automation and drive specialists,
as well as Certified Siemens Application Engineers, you can count on to have the knowledge
and experience to deliver cost-effective solutions for your toughest challenges.

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Siemens is the world's leader of automation and electrical technology. As an authorized distributor in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas, IES is proud to deliver Siemens products and solutions, including:


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Totally Integrated Automation

Discover how efficient engineering drives productivity and delivers added value to your automation tasks.

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Basic Controllers for Everyday or Safety-related Automation Tasks

Compact, space-saving design and flexible networking with integrated communication and technology function, make SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers an intelligent choice for your everyday automation tasks.

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Space-saving Advanced Controllers deliver on Performance

Perfectly suited for switching from older generations of controllers, the Simatic S7‑1511C-1 PN and 1512C-1 PN advanced controllers perfectly combine small size with high performance since all key technology functions are already integrated.

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Failsafe I/O modules for SIMATIC ET 200SP

Siemens Simatic® ET 200SP failsafe controllers offer the same high performance features as the Simatic 1510SP F and 1512SP F failsafe controllers, but in a smaller package.

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Discrete Valve Controllers designed by customers... delivered by TopWorx
Valvetop valve controllers from TopWorx

Based on extensive customer research, the Valvetop family of valve controller products delivers reliable, intelligent, cost-effective valve monitoring products.

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Simatic ET 200SP: Compact, Powerful Distributed I/O System

Minimize downtime, reduce space and increase productivity with SIMATIC ET 200SP.

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Simple, Smaller, Stronber I/O System for Advanced Controller = Increased Productivity

The SIMATIC ET 200MP distributed I/O system from Siemens is characterized by its modular and scalable station design. The I/O modules are also able to be used for central automation tasks with the SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers, offering the user simple handling and storage options.

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eWon: Access S7-1200 Remotely w/Netbiter
Access S7-1200 Remotely w/Netbiter
eWon Netbiter

How to: Configure a Siemens S7-1200 PLC remotely


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