IO-Link products deliver remote monitoring capabilities

IO-Link's remote monitoring capabilities give you more information about your devices, enabling you to optimize machine performance.

Browse IO-Link Sensors and Lighting from Banner:

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Difficult applications solved by Q4X sensor

Available in discrete, analog (o to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA), clear object, and IO-Link models, Banner's Q4X is a versatile, rugged laser distance sensor is capable of detecting sub-millimeter changes in distance and now offers reliable sensing range from as close as 25 mm to as far as 610 mm

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Inductive Proximity Sensors for tight spaces, now with Increased Sensing Range

Typically used when space in the machine or plant is restricted, but you still need some freedom to make adjustments, the Turck series of inductive proximity sensors in M08 housing are now more versatile and even more user-friendly. The modular design concept of the sensors enables an extensive portfolio with increased sensing ranges and models from 40 to ultra-short 15 mm versions, which are available for the first time.

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Long Range Fiber Amplifier Now Available with Analog Output for Diverse Sensing Applications

The DF-G3 long range fiber optic amplifier is now available with analog output to solve more of your applications.  The advanced sensor featuring dual digital displays is designed for use with plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies, and offers increased detection reliability for:

• contrast matching
• intensity monitoring
• web guiding
• process monitoring of signal intensity
• dense sensing point environments

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Precision Measurement, Superior Durability with LTF Laser Measurement Sensor

Featuring time-of-flight technology, these high-performance laser measurement sensors are capable of detecting targets:

• regardless of color, material or sheen.
• from a distance of up to 24 meters.
• whether straight-on, or at an angle.

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Now with IO-Link Technology, Uprox3 Sensor detects all metals
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Turck's flagship Uprox3 sensors are now available with IO-Link technology. The intelligent interface makes the factor 1 inductive proximity switch a universal sensor that can be parameterized to suit over 100,000 individual requirements.

In addition, these compact sensors offer the longest Factor 1 sensing ranges on the market to detect all metals present, and are inherently immune to magnetic fields for use in challenging applications.

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Easily Monitor Mobile or Remote Tanks & Totes

The K50U Ultrasonic Sensor is designed for plug-and-play use with the Q45U wireless node. Used together, this rugged wireless solution makes it easy and cost effective to monitor mobile or remotely located tanks and totes.

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New generation of safety laser scanners

The microScan3 Core from SICK is designed with an advanced, patented scan technology - safeHDDM - which improves the accuracy of the scan data and allows better filtration of nuisances such as weld sparks, dust, ambient light and cross talk. Within a small footprint, the mS3 is capable of up to a 5.5 m protective field and 275˚ scan angle giving it the best size-to-area ratio in the industry. Plus, its smart connectivity saves costs with cabling due to standardized interfaces.

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Replace Mechanical Switches & Reduce Costs

The GO™ Switch 7J is a dry contact proximity sensor with an built-in terminal block that allows termination directly to the sensor. And, with no need to purchase an additional junction box, you can replace troublesome mechanical limit switches at a reduced cost.

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Sensors detect any object in any environment

Detect nearly any object in any environment!   The most flexible and complete portfolio of extremely reliable sensors, the SureSense family of photoelectric sensors offers reliable detection in a wide range of sensing applications.

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Submersible Sensors

GO™ Switch submersible sensors are submersible up to depths of 7,010m/23,000ft and offer trouble-free position sensing in applications such as offshore oil platforms, lock and dam gates, ships and vessels, pin placement detection, wastewater rendering areas, bilge level, high pressure washdown, draw bridges and subsea valve position monitoring.

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Code reading with LECTOR®

Not Hannibal Lector, but just as SICK... these image-based code readers deliver accuracy and readability with a quick, intuitive setup and wide spectrum of connectivity options to provide solutions for almost every application - no matter how challenging!

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SAM (Speed & Acceleration Monitoring) exclusively by SICK
SAM Inductive proximity sensors

This innovative inductive sensor is a simple and intelligent way to monitor speed. In addition to typical speed monitoring capabilities, SAM also offers acceleration monitoring.

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BANNER: Liquid Level Sensing
Liquid Level Sensing
Banner Engineering

Demonstration:  DF-G3LIR Liquid Level Sensing


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TURCK: PT2000 Pressure Sensors
PT2000 Pressure Sensors

PT2000 Pressure Sensors for Demanding Applications


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