Temposonics R-Series V Linear Position Sensor

The fifth generation of the Temposonics R-Series is ready to take your applications (whether existing or planned) into the future and make them ready for industry 4.0.

In addition to being ready for Smart Manufacturing, the innovative Temposonics R-Series V EtherNet/IP sensors deliver the reliability you need with:

  • Increased shock and vibration resistance
  • Extended operating temperature range
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T-series linear position sensors: now with CANbus output and EX-certificates
MTS Temposonics® T-Series

Based on the growing demand for sensor solutions that meet requirements for explosion protection and functional safety (typically sought after by engineers in the power generation, oil processing and chemical processing industries), the magnetostrictive linear position sensors of the Temposonics® T-Series  have been developed for use in hazardous working environments, such as those that expose the sensor to flames or corrosive substances.

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Industrial Ethernet Switches for reliable communication in automation

The SCALANCE XC-200 product line from Siemens offers future-proof, industry-compatible compact Industrial Ethernet switches with extensive functions - including the option of complete PROFINET or Ehternet/IP diagnostics in one device.  Features like redundancy, powerful configuration and diagnostics, and an extensive selection of options ensure you always have a high performance network with zero to minimal downtime.  And, thanks to their diverse certifications and flexibility, these gigabit-capable managed switches can be used for a wide range of applications, such as: 

• mechanical engineering
• transportation, including along rail-guided routes
• automotive, food & beverage, and oil & gas industries

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Replace Mechanical Switches & Reduce Costs

The GO™ Switch 7J is a dry contact proximity sensor with an built-in terminal block that allows termination directly to the sensor. And, with no need to purchase an additional junction box, you can replace troublesome mechanical limit switches at a reduced cost.

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100% Automatic purge and pressurization systems

No need for extensive technical knowledge!  Thanks to its easy to use menu-driven interface and pre-programmed options, the compact, economic, and fully automated Bebco EPS 5500 Purge and Pressurization Series, and the ALL-NEW Bebco EPS 6500 Purge and Pressurization Series, can both be effortlessly implemented and set up to offer gas or dust protection for your electrical equipment.

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Quality, cost-effective managed Industrial Ethernet switches

The highest quality, general purpose managed Industrial Ethernet switch on the market today, the SCALANCE XB-200 family of managed switches are easy to use and cost-effective, providing high data rates up to 100 Mbps and switchable between Profinet and EtherNet/IP for real-time communication in a variety of automation environments.

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