Prevent disruptions with vibration monitoring
Fluke 3560 FC Vibration Sensor

Vibration screening is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent equipment failures, and the wireless Fluke 3560 FC Vibration Sensor lets you remotely capture vibration data and receive alarms on any condition changes that might be effecting your assets.  Then you can watch data trends over time to stay ahead of any issues before they become critical in order to avoid equipment failure.

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Solve Issues Faster with PRO Series Infrared Cameras

Fluke Ti480 and Ti450 PRO series infrared cameras were recently fine-tuned to make it easier for technicians, engineers, and electricians to get to root cause faster by identifying hot spots, cold spots, and apparent surface temperature differentials with a higher degree of confidence.

Discover the upgrades that can help your team quickly solve issues...

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Keep an eye on your equipment at all times with Fluke thermal imaging sensor

The Fluke 3550 FC thermal imaging sensor lets you keep eyes on your equipment at all times - from wherever you are!  Using Fluke Connect® Condition Monitoring cloud-based software, this flexible and positionable thermal imaging sensor with infrared, allows you to:

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Fluke 3550FC set-up
3550FC Thermal Imaging Sensor

How to set up Remote Thermal Image Monitoring


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Superior Selection of Infrared Cameras

Choose from Fluke's wide range of rugged, reliable and accurate infrared cameras built to meet your specific needs - even in the toughest industrial environments.

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Smart Cameras: Powerful, easy to use inspection tools

VE Series Smart Cameras are easy to use, offer powerful inspection tools and capabilities,and allow you to solve a broad range of applications, including:

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