Code reading with LECTOR®

Not Hannibal Lector, but just as SICK... these image-based code readers deliver accuracy and readability with a quick, intuitive setup and wide spectrum of connectivity options to provide solutions for almost every application - no matter how challenging!

Clever. Simple. Industrial.  | The Lector62x is designed for industrial requirements, and is the most compact in this series of image-based code readers.  Whether items are mobile or stationary, the Lector62x accurately and reliably identifies 1D, 2D and OCR codes - even poor quality or damaged codes.   
Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.  | The Lector63x offers optimal performance and flexibility with its high image resolution, compact housing and exchangeable optical design.  It handles small codes, high production speeds, and long-range identification with ease. Plus, its quick optical exchange, intuitive user interface, aiming laser, beeper, LED feedback and MicroSD card simplify setup, operation and maintenance!
Efficient. Adjustable. Functional.  | Delivering maximum performance and optimum throughput in logistics and factory automation with a frame repetition rate of 40 Hz and real-time decoding, the Lector642 can reliably identify 1D, 2D and directly marked codes at the highest possible speed.  Its superior processing speed, illumination, wide field of view and large depth of field mean it can read codes in a wide variety of different positions, object heights, and at different transport speeds.  In addition, the Lector642 comes equipped with a microSD memory card, which can be used to store images or back-up copies of parameters, while SICK's 4Dpro feature (featured in the video below) allows the Lector642 to be integrated into numerous industrial networks.
Dynamic.  Non-stop.  Precise.  | The Lector65x is designed to stand up to extremely high throughput installations such as logistics operations and factory automation. With its dynamic focus, camera resolution of 2-4 megapixels and a wide-angle lens for a large working area, the Lector65x is in a class of its own.


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