NEW Temposonics R-Series V Linear Position Sensor

The fifth generation of the Temposonics R-Series is ready to take your applications (whether existing or planned) into the future and make them ready for industry 4.0.  In addition, the innovative Temposonics R-Series V EtherNet/IP sensors offer improved performance for extreme accuracy in position measurement. 

The technology in the sensor housing has been optimized, so that more and more precise data can be retrieved from the application.

Check out the video introduction for details on how they're more robust and reliable than ever, with:

  • Increased shock and vibration resistance
  • Extended operating temperature range


The R-Series V sensors are backwards compatible, which means they can replace a previously installed R-series sensor if required without modifications.

These sensors can also connect to and communicate with the TempoLink via the power supply so the smart assistant can provide detailed information on your application status via USB or WiFi.

Contact IES for further details, and to find the right option for your application.

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